Rick Lambert
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Audience Bakery
Audience Bakery / Seattle - Dallas
  Programming / Voice Talent, 2008-2014
  • Director of Rock, Alternative and New Media for upstart radio network
  • Work with radio station owners, clients, management and air talent
  • Facilitating on-air to online strategies for radio station websites
  • Creative input for branding, positioning, slogans, production, websites
  • Develop sales information packages for potential client
  • On-air talent [CLICK HERE for Voice Track Breaks]

XM Satellite Radio
Sirius XM Satellite Radio / Washington DC
  Program Director, 2000-2008
  • Hired in the first group of Program Directors at XM Radio's nationwide service of over 170 channels
  • Program Director of "Classic Alternative" channel, "Fred" (2000-2008)
  • Program Director of "Current/90's Alternative" channel, "Ethel" (2002-2005)
  • Developed channel's architecture from concept to on-air
  • Conceived and initiated all channel branding, positioning and slogans
  • Designed weekly programming grids
  • Chose the music; designed and managed music categories, rotations and scheduling clocks
  • Developed daily, weekly, monthly and annual programming features and spectaculars
  • Wrote and guided on-air production of sweepers and promos
  • Hired and managed assistants, on-air personalities and mentored interns
  • Scheduled, programmed and mixed daily logs for on-air broadcast
  • Worked with "Powergold" (music scheduling) and "Dalet" (mixing for on-air)
  • On-air personality for two channels [CLICK HERE for Aircheck - XM47 Ethel]

OnRadio.com-Electric Village / Los Angeles
  Director of Programming, 1998-1999
  • Managed staff of format directors and editors that provided content for radio station websites
  • Developed and facilitated on-air to online programming, promotions and contesting
  • Created quarterly goals and strategies for network deployment
  • Built new relationships for content with companies such as MSNBC, UPI, Spin, InfoSpace
  • Provided consultation with radio management and personalities concerning content
  • Assisted in designing portal concepts and outlines for radio network distribution

.KNDD, The End

KNDD (The End) / Seattle

  Program Director (Alternative Rock), 1991-1997     Ratings Highlight:  
*  #1 Overall 12+, 18-34, 25-34, 18-49 year olds  (ARB Winter 1995)
*  The first alternative station to achieve #1 ratings status, 12 plus.

.KXRX, The X

KXRX (The X) / Seattle
  Program Director (Album Rock), 1988-1990
    Ratings Highlight:  
*  #1 Men 25-34, #2 Men 18-49 (ARB Fall 1989)

.101 KLOL

KLOL (101FM) / Houston

  Program Director (Album Rock), 1984-1988
    Ratings Highlight:  
#1 Men, #2 Adults, #4 Women (ARB Spring 1988)

Experience at the above radio stations includes:

  • Managed on-air personalities, promotion, marketing, production and music departments, while establishing a team atmosphere with clear goals and expectations
  • Structured research focus groups, created perceptual studies and developed strategies to target and secure the desired objectives from the findings
  • Fostered relationships with record companies, concert promoters and band managers, while securing recording artists for interviews, promotional events, concerts and cross-marketing strategies
  • Worked with advertising agencies for campaigns with television, billboards, direct mail and telemarketing
  • Enhanced branding opportunities through product positioning, targeting, marketing, promotion and programming tactics
  • Worked with sales clients to develop promotional, marketing and contesting strategies
  • Created sales materials and information packages useful for gaining client business and attention
  • Planned and implemented annual operating budgets for each department
  • Developed short and long-form programming features, shows and specials
  • Experience with writing promotional liners and recorded commercials
  • Utilized "Selector", "Powergold" and "MusicScan" software for program scheduling of each day's music

Earlier experience includes:


KKBQ (93Q) / Houston
  Image Production Director  (CHR/Top40), 1984

  • Wrote, produced and voiced image production, promos and sweepers
  • On-Air personality with frequent artist interviews

ABC Owned & Operated Radio Station
KSRR (97Rock) / Houston

  Assistant Program Director/Music Director (ABC O&O - Various Formats), 1978-1983
  • Assisted several Program Directors and consultants through many various format changes
  • Programmed daily music logs for the entire station
  • On-Air personality, commercial production, promotional appearances

Other Experience:


REI - Recreational Equipment Inc.
  Hiking-Camping Specialist
    Avid hiker, camper, mountaineer and outdoor photographer with related experience

Rick Lambert
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